Terms of business

  1. "textservice Giera”, as presented on www.checkpoint-td.com and www.sites-to-sights.de , is a service for translations and proofreading, e.g. of web sites, from English or French to German, and a service for Technical Documentation.
  2. All orders are fulfilled as soon as possible. We are not responsible for delays due to technical problems.
  3. The format of the delivered texts is agreed upon in advance with the customer.
  4. The customer him-/herself bears responsibility for checking his files for viruses.
  5. Bills are due 10 days after fulfilment of the order. View the pricelist.
  6. Orders which do not concern the customer's own site will also be fulfilled and the webmaster of the site will be informed to exclude violation of copyrights.
  7. Translations which concern printed texts have to be handed in as a copy to avoid loss or damage of the original.
  8. Mistakes in translations have to be announced immediately so that a free correction is possible. (Excluded are mistakes due to printing mistakes in the original etc.) There will be no more obligation for corrections after 2 months.
  9. Texts with illegal contents will be rejected.

Latest Update: 06.2010


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